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Our Services

From Anaesthesiology to Zoonoses, Oaklands Veterinary Hospital offers a wide variety of services for your pet.

wellness exams

Wellness Exams

It’s important for pets to have regular checkups to ensure that any potentially challenging issues are diagnosed and addressed early.

internal medicine

Internal Medicine

Oaklands Veterinary Hospital can handle a wide variety of medical issues commonly affecting your pets.



Having both in-house and send-out diagnostic services allows us to offer comprehensive health care for your pets and ensures that the most non-invasive tools are used whenever possible.

surgery icon


Our team of skilled surgeons is well equipped to offer in-house surgical solutions for animals of all ages and breeds.

Like people, dogs and cats get toothaches, but they’re better at hiding it!


Dental disease is the single most common health issue affecting pets of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Pocket Pets, Poultry and Rabbits

Pocket Pets, Poultry and Rabbits

Not everyone has a dog or a cat for a pet. Some people like to branch out with ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs or even a chicken!

Ready for your next visit ?
Ready for your next visit ?