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Dr. Joanna Piercy

Hi there, I’m not much of an autobiographer. I have been struggling with this bio for a while now. I was told I should write it in the style of Beastie Boys lyrics…

(To be read to the tune of “Intergalactic”)

From Vic to McGill used to speak FRANCAIS
Started Human Physiology and said no WAY
Jumped out of a plane, swam with sharks AWAY
Picked scorpions out of boots, army ants DISMAY
Then New Zealand to learn vet, a little CRAY CRAY
Next was Doc Piercy but no CLICHÉ
Coffee and kickboxing are how she likes to PLAY
To run she’ll get up at the break of DAY
And when she’s at work she loves to SPAY
When there’s problems with your pet no need to PRAY
Eyes and ECGs she loves to SURVEY
So get to Oaklands without DELAY!

Translation: Joanna has a lot of interests in veterinary medicine, but foremost is cardiology and ophthalmology. She also likes being “the quirky one”!

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Ready for your next visit ?